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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Toyota TF108

The Toyota TF108 is the car that Toyota will compete in the 2008 Formula One season

The 2008 Toyota challenger the Toyota TF108 was launched on the 10th of January 2008, with a new longer wheelbase to aid stability and a totally new aero package that is hoped will give the car great potential. The car isnt a evolution of the previous years Toyota TF107, it has been designed from an evolution of the Toyota TF106 but with a promice of "The primary aerodynamic design philosophy for the TF108 is geared towards optimising the entire package" Pascal Vasselon the teams Chassis General Manager said. The car also has the new for 2008 higher headrests arround the drivers head and also has the new standard McLaren Electronic Systems ECU that prevents the car having driver aids.

Changes In Aerodynamics
Toyota have adopted a McLaren MP4-22 like bridge on the front wing.
The team have also moved the rear view mirrors outboard, like Ferarri and Renault.
The TF108 has also had a major focus on cleaning the air flow arround the front suspension as well, maximising the Zero Keel concept of the front suspension.

Early 2008 Testing
Timo Glock was fastest in Testing at Jerez on the 17th of January, whilst test driver Kamui Kobayashi was 7th fastest on the same day.

Pictures/wallpapers of Toyota TF108

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