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Monday, February 23, 2009

Formula 1 2009 unveilings, so far..

Here are the unveiling's of F1 teams, the missing are Toro Rosso and Honda**
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Red Bull

McLaren Mercedes


BMW Sauber


Saturday, February 21, 2009

2009 Testing - This Far

Team-by-team listing!! (Well, important teams)

The Top 3:
McLaren: The 2008 winners seems to be the only top team with testing running according to plan. They seem to have the lead at this moment. Nothing's really gone wrong, they just need to keep finding the perfect set-up for the car!!

Ferrari: Heading for the Sakhir circuit was a mistake. They got a total of 400 testing kilometers less than McLaren (who were testing at Jerez) and are now calling in Michael Schumacher as a consultant regarding slicks. He might be test driving in Mugello once he's recovered from his recent bike crash. Additionally, their KERS is heavier than most others.

BMW: Front wing difficulties have caused BMW to get working on a revamped front wing. They're not as fast as Ferrari right now. They will still be a force to count on. World champions? No. Podiums? Surely.

The Surprising 2:
Toyota: Toyota has been keeping up with Ferrari in Bahrain, sometimes being the fastest team over a day. They might not have the same edge as Ferrari, but they may well be a common sight on the podium in 2009.

Red Bull: Red Bull is perhaps the strongest and most surprising this far. At this moment in time, I keep them as the second best team, behind McLaren. They need to fine tune the setup, and they will surely be fighting for some wins.

The Crap 1:
Renault: After having some serious issues with the car, they are now stopping ALL testing for the rest of February. Why? Their car is not good enough. They're putting all resources into pretty much remaking it. It's not good enough. Fernando Alonso will take care of all the testing in March. Perhaps the cock-up team of 2009

The Non-Moving 2:
Toro Rosso: They are waiting for their Red bull chassis. With the Ferrari engine, they may do well. They have mediocre drivers, though, and should be nothing more than a midfield contestant.

Force India: Watch out!! With McLaren engine and KERS, as well as help in other areas, Force India may be the surpise of 2009. I warn you - Sutil might hit a podium or two in 2009. All it takes is some luck. Surely not in the run for wins, no way, but they will probably make a giant leap forwards under 2009.

The Rest:
Williams: Williams are not making a huge impression. They are where they were last year. Far back, but not at the complete bottom. They won't be much better than 2008. Nico Rosberg might want to look into changing cockpit for 2010...

Honda: Testing..? No, they are not. But they are developing their car. Sir Richard Branson of Virgin wants to buy Honda, rumours say. He says he is interested. They might just line up for 2009. If so, they are likely to have Jenson Button and Bruno Senna driving for them.

USF1: No, they will not be racing in 2009. They're up for 2010. Danica Patrick is rumoured to already be scheduled for a late 2009 test with USF1. This would make her the first female F1 driver, ever. Why not??

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Red Bull strip RB5 Webber and Vettel

Like the Red Bull strip?? :D

Get it here: Red Bull Racing

Or just click the lower links..

One: The cover
Two: The car – but drawn
Three: The team’s history!
Four: Mark Webber in… ‘Road To Recovery!’
Five: Mark Webber in… ‘Road To Recovery!’ (continued)
Six: Christian Horner On Why 2009 Is A New Formula!
Seven: The RB5 Unleashed!
Eight: Adrian Newey Reveals His Blue-sky Thinking!
Nine: Sebastian Vettel in… ‘The Space Race!’
Ten: Sebastian Vettel in… ‘The Space Race!’ (continued)
Eleven: Geoff Willis on Why We Have To Be Slick!
Twelve: The Secrets of Milton Keynes Revealed
Thirteen: The Back Cover!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Four: Mark Webber in… ‘Road To Recovery!’

Mark Weber in:
Road to Recovery

Mark Webber starts his third year in Red Bull Racing colours as the senior driver in the squad, hoping to produce the results of which we know he is capable. Occasionally dogged by misfortune, his road accident back in November was very,very bad luck, but he worked hard over the winter to speed through his recovery.
Webber made his Formula One debut with Minardi in 2002. It was a fairytale first: the team had not scored a point since 1999 and Mark finished his maiden race, at home in Australia, in fifth place, ending the season as the undisputed rookie of the year. Eleven years after the inevitable start in karts, Webber was beginning to make his mark in the sport’s top discipline. After karts and Formula Ford in his native Australia came the equally inevitable move to England for more single-seater experience and he put his name on the map by winning the prestigious Formula Ford Festival at Brands Hatch. Formula 3 followed, but then Mark’s career followed a path pioneered by Michael Schumacher, when he was taken on by the Mercedes sports car team.
Unfortunately, Webber’s time with the tin tops is best remembered for twice flipping the car at huge speed (through no fault of his own) at the Le Mans 24 Hours weekend in 1999. This led to him racing more sensible cars and he ended up coming into Formula One through the more conventional Formula 3000 route.
Mark has spent half his F1 life in Milton Keynes-based teams. His maiden Minardi season was followed by two years with Jaguar. Then after a couple of seasons at Williams, he returned to ‘MK’ and Red Bull Racing. A third placed podium finish in the 2007 European GP has been the highlight of his time with the team to date. In 2008, Mark was Mr Consistency in the first half of the season, regularly bringing home points, but after a front-row start at Silverstone, life got tougher and he ended the year 11th on 21 points.
Apart from his on-track commitment, Mark is a long-standing director of the Grand Prix Drivers Association, while the end of his F1 season means just one thing – the Mark Webber Pure Tasmania Challenge, which allows Webber to indulge his passion for all outdoor pursuits, with the possible exceptionof cycling from now on! The event has so far raised more than a million dollars for The Leukaemia Foundation and the Savethe Tasmanian Devil program

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Three: The team’s history!

2009: a new f1 season, new rules and a hostof new challenges! ButforRed Bull Racing, whichthis yearfields anexciting driverline-up inMark Webberand SebastianVettel, thetargetremains thesame: takeontheestablished orderand winthrough! theseasonstarts here!!!

The 2009 season will see Red Bull Racing embark on its fifth year in F1, although its parent company’s links with the sport began a couple of decades earlier. An obvious Austrian connection between Red Bull and Gerhard Berger meant the driver was signed up as Red Bull’s first athlete and, as the drinks company went on to establish a reputation for backing extreme sports, it continued to strengthen its F1 involvement. Its colours graced many a grand prix driver’s drinks bottle and its logo featured on the Sauber team cars. Then, in 2004, Red Bull went one stage further and bought what had been Jaguar Racing and lined up at the start of the 2005 season with David Coulthard and Christian Klien sitting in the cockpits of the team’s RB1 car.

From the outset, the team’s on-track performance was respectable, but what really set Red Bull Racing apart from its peers was the fresh approach it brought to its F1 programme: the Red Bulletin daily paddock newspaper, the Formula Una girls, the Energy Station that played host to the entire paddock and stunning movie co-operations in Monaco. The team has always done things differently.

Red Bull Racing achieved its first podium in Monaco in 2006, which proved to be a transitional year for the team.There was investment in new staff and new equipment, while a key appointment was made in the form of renowned designer Adrian Newey. Wind tunnels and other simulation tools were developed and, as the team worked hard on the RB3, the first car to be designed by Adrian Newey’s technical team, the foundations of the team were firmly established. Later the same year the team confirmed a deal to run Renaultengines that had been good enoughto win back-to-back Championshiptitles in the previous two seasons.
Since 2006 the team has been consistent with a podium finish in 2007 with Mark Webber at the Nurburgring and a further podium finish for David Coulthard in Canada in 2008. This year will see the team fielding a very strong driver line-up, blending the experience of Mark Webber with the youthful talent of Sebastian Vettel. In a sport where money did all the talking, the new rules, which go some way to ruling out the cash advantage of the biggest teams, could well see a shake-up in how the grid lines up. Certainly Red Bull Racing, having just completed another major upgrade of its technical facility at Milton Keynes, is perfectly placed to challenge Formula One’s established order.

2005: The team makes a big impact in its first seasonbeing a regular points scorer and occasionally challenging for podium finishes. In all the team collects 34 Points: 24 for David Coulthard, 9 for Christian Klien and 1 for Vitantonio Liuzzi.
2006: First podium finish, Monaco. David starts from seventh on the grid, but the team makes a strategy change and converts to an early one fuel-stop plan, which moves him into a podium position. The team’s first ever podium thus comes at the world’s most glamorous race and David graces the Royal podium wearing a red cape, as Red Bull have tied in a promo with the Superman returns film over the grand prix weekend.

2006: The team ends the season in seventh position with a haul of 16 points: 14 for DC and 2 for Klien.
2007: Mark Webber joins the team and claims podium No. 2 at the Nurburgring with a great third place in terrible conditions. DC backs up the Aussie with a useful fifth place.
2007: Red Bull Racing ends the ’07 campaign in fifth place with 24 points: 14 for DC and 10 for Webber.
2008: DC claims the last podium finish of his career in Montreal, coming through race day carnage from ‘unlucky 13’ on the grid to finish in third place. Amonth later, Webber claims the team’s first front row start with a brilliant lap in qualifying at the British GP.
2008: Can Red Bull claim to have won a grand prix? Yes it can, because Milton Keynes is also home to the boffins of Red Bull Technology and the car they designed for Scuderia Toro Rosso beat every other car on the grid at the 2008 Italian Grand Prix.
2008: Sebastian Vettel signs for the team for the 2009 season. The team bids farewell to DC as his race career comes to a close in Brazil. Red bull racing ends the season with five more points than the previous season, but the campaign is such an open one that the teamfinishes seventh in the Constructors’ Championship.

Three: The team’s history!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Formula 1 Constructors Championship 2009 Prediction

I am going to be all epic and awesome here. Our new world champion, 2009, will be Vettel Lewis Hamilton once again. Promise you.

Constructors absolutely, surely, and without any doubt, will look like this after visiting Yas Island:

(revamped 2009-02-21)
1. McLaren
2. Ferrari
3. Red Bull
4. Toyota
5. BMW
6. Toro Rosso
7. Force India
8. Williams
9. Renault

The Renault sucks. McLaren and Ferrari always are up there. BMW too, nowadays. Toro Rosso is using the Red Bull chassis, which seems to be all epic already. Vettel was fastest in the 2009-spec Red Bull, with no prior experience of it. Besides, he's a good driver. Additionally, Renault gets to tweak their engine.

Force India is all assisted by McLaren. McLaren who are up there. Sutil and Fisichella might hit the podium once or twice this year. Toyota too. I am seeing the top7 all open, to be honest. They all seem good.

Williams have not been too convincing, on me, so far into testing. Who knows? They seem too slow.

The one true disaster, and we knew one team would end up here, is Renault. The car sucks. Heck, Alonso has admitted it "needs improving before Melbourne". In other words, it's crap. He's a lucky sod if he scores more than 10 points during 2009 altogether, and those points would all be down to him being the best F1 driver around for 2009.

Special Red Bull RB5 Strip

Red Bull

Car 14
Mark Webber

Car 15
Sebastian Vettel


The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Get the .PDF file here:
The cover

The Red Bull RB5 “beauty” unveiled

Red Bull racing finally showed its 2009 RB5 “beauty” on Monday. The launch had been scheduled for around this time, but is long after most teams started on track testing.

The Red Bull racing team is extremely excited about its new RB5 and is hoping to be competitive. Although the RB5 designer, Adrian Newey, and team principal, Christian Horner, are being very realistic about the 2009 season. Both say that with the biggest rule changes in 20 years, the 2009 season is completely up for grabs. However, both also say that the difference between the best and worst performing vehicles will be greater than seen in the past.

In a normal car launch, the carmaker publishes a simple press kit available to download. The press kit features all the information on the car the team/carmaker feel needs to be given, which is obviously less in competitive racing. Red Bull however, issued a press kit comic book.

From perusing the comic book one learns the 2009 RB5 features the Renault RS27 engine that complies with all 2009 FIA specifications. The specifications include a V-8 configuration with a maximum displacement of 2.4 liters and redline of 18,000 RPM. The engine block is built from cast aluminum and is an integral structural component. The Red Bull racing KERS device is the same as seen on the Renault R29 developed by Renault and Magnetti Marelli.

The chassis is a composite monocoque type designed and built by Red Bull racing. Gear changes are handled by a longitudinally mounted seven-speed transmission with a hydraulic system for power shifting and clutch operation.

The car hit the track yesterday after its introduction with driver Sebastian Vettel behind the wheel. Vettel had no comment on the car after fourteen laps, simply saying “The guys did a fantastic job to get the here and ready for this first run. I was happy to be driving again, but don’t ask me to comment on the feel of the car as it’s far too early for that.” The practice session was ended early due to rising transmission temperatures.

Mark Webber continues the 2009 season with Red Bull Racing and Sebastian Vettel replaces David Coulthard, who retired after the 2008 season. Vettel raced for Red Bull’s Ferrari-powered Scuderia Toro Rosso team during the 2008 season where he won the 2008 Italian Grand Prix and at 21-years old, became the youngest driver to win a Formula One Grand Prix.

pic 1: Red Bull RB5 Front
pic 2: Red Bull RB5 Front

pic 1: Red Bull RB5 Side
pic 2: Red Bull RB5 Side

pic 1: Red Bull RB5 Side
pic 2: Sebastian Vettel Red Bull RB5

pic 1: Sebastian Vettel Red Bull RB5
pic 2: Sebastian Vettel Red Bull RB5

pic 1: Mark Webber Sebastian Vettel Red Bull RB5
pic 2: Mark Webber Sebastian Vettel Red Bull RB5

Sunday, February 8, 2009

12-inch metal rods holding leg together

FORMULA One star Mark Webber lay in agony on the road, glanced at the shattered shinbone protruding through his bloody flesh and casually asked paramedics: “When can I drive again?”

The Red Bull racer suffered a career-threatening compound fracture of his right leg in a 50mph head-on collision with a 4x4 car during his own charity bicycle race in Tasmania.

But, in an exclusive interview, Webber insists he will be fit to test Red Bull’s new F1 car in Jerez on Tuesday — just two months after the accident.

BROKEN HERO - Mark Webber lies injured and surrounded by medics after his bike crash

Webber has had a 12-inch titanium rod inserted in his leg to hold together his smashed tibia and fibula. The scars are clearly visible above.

The 32-year-old Aussie still needs crutches to walk. But he has been spending up to three minutes in a cryogenic chamber in temperatures of MINUS 135 degrees to speed his recovery.

And, speaking about the crash for the first time, he admits he is lucky just to be alive. “The big bloke upstairs was looking down on me on that stretch of road,” he confessed.

“It would have been unrealistic to come away with nothing seriously wrong from a collision with a car. But it could have been a lot worse. I was flying along the road at the time. I dived with my head and chest to the side, but my legs didn’t make it.

“I’ve had big crashes in a car in the past but you have absolutely no protection on a bike. I was in a lot of pain. Both my tibia and fibula were broken but the compound fracture was of the tibia and the bone was exposed.


“Afterwards the paramedics told me I just kept asking them: ‘How long will it take to fix me up so I can start driving again?’ It’s a remote area and it was hard to get a helicopter there but the paramedics did a great job.”

Webber was air-lifted to the Royal Hobart Hospital, where he underwent a two-hour operation. He spent a week there before being transferred by air ambulance to a private hospital in Melbourne, where the new 2009 F1 season will start next month.

He returned to his home in England before Christmas. Since having the plaster removed, he has been swimming and lifting weights — plus undergoing intense cryo treatment.

Webber explained: “I’ve been doing it for three weeks. I go from room temperature into a chamber of -50°C for about 30 seconds and then for another three minutes at -130°C.”


But Webber is adamant his injuries will not affect his ability to drive his 200mph F1 car. He said: “The surgeons told me the injuries should take six months to heal. But, as I’m fit, that comes down to three months. Because of the risk of infection I wasn’t allowed to do too much for the first few weeks.

“But I have been doing training on my upper body to make sure my neck and arm muscles are still strong. And my target has always been to get back for the first test of the new car in Jerez.

“The rod has to stay in my leg for 18 months and I am now trying to build up my leg muscles. Some days the muscles tell you you’ve done enough and that can be very frustrating.

“By the opening race in Melbourne on March 29 my right leg should be about 80 per cent of the strength of my left — and that’s enough to drive a car.”

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