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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pictures of the new aerodynamics package, test at Barcelona

Finally some pictures of promised aerodynamics package! The teams were testing (still are) in Barcelona, Spain. Everyone were also testing slick tires on the track. Some of aerodynamics solutions are pretty strange, like the Renault back wing and Honda's front nose wings (who remind of elephant ears :D).. No changes yet to be seen at McLaren, are they lacking off again, well we well see on the next race, Grand Prix of Spain!

pic 1: Rubens Barichello Honda front nose with some new aerodynamic wings - elephant ears
pic 2: Kazuki Nakajima Williams, changed front wing and nose, testing in Barcelona

pic 1: Nelson Piquet JR Renault, front wing and nose
pic 2: Fernando Alonso Renault, new aerodynamics - wing in the middle of the car

pic 1: Ferrari nose, with a whole
pic 2: Ferrari nose, with a whole

pic 1: Force India Test, new front wing and nose
pic 2: Force India, new side wings

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