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Friday, January 23, 2009

Buemi, Renault and the F60

Toro Rosso has confirmed their drivers line-up of 2009: 1st driver is Sebastién Buemi, 2nd driver is Sebastién Bourdais. That's Swiss Seb and French Seb. I was personally hoping for Takuma Sato, but even a sexy guy like myself can be mistaken. Surprise..

Renault, with Fernando Alonso and Nelsinho Piquet, may be heading towards a dead end. Rumours circulating the F1 paddock has it that 2009 is the last season for Renault. Several factors point to this:
Renault's team president, Bernard Rey, has said that Renault is commited to Formula 1 "for this year".
Whispers in the F1 circles claims that the Renault engine will not be available to customer teams after 2009.
About 100 staff at their factory in Enstone, UK, will be fired due to ecomicial strain and rule changes. These fired people are working with aerodynamic and the testing of the car - two areas heavily decreased for 2009 thanks to new rules.

The Ferrari F60 rounds this shizzle up. This car is labelled illegal by like everyone. Latest in line is Toyota's something-dude Pascal Vasselon. Previously, Mercedes' Norbert Haug and some BMW bloke said it is illegal. Why? It features rear exhaust pipes on the exterior - an illegal feature. It's not taken too heavily by these three men, who are quite sure it will be changed well in time for Melbourne. It's merely a pre-version of the finished edition anyway, right?

I will not be posting much, if antyhing, for the remainder of January and perhaps February. Expect to see me back in weekly action, though, once the season is about to embark.

Oh, by the way guys: Mark Webber is about to hit the roads soon. In about 2-3 weeks, he'll test the new Red Bull. Yay for him.

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