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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Formula 1 Constructors Championship 2009 Prediction

I am going to be all epic and awesome here. Our new world champion, 2009, will be Vettel Lewis Hamilton once again. Promise you.

Constructors absolutely, surely, and without any doubt, will look like this after visiting Yas Island:

(revamped 2009-02-21)
1. McLaren
2. Ferrari
3. Red Bull
4. Toyota
5. BMW
6. Toro Rosso
7. Force India
8. Williams
9. Renault

The Renault sucks. McLaren and Ferrari always are up there. BMW too, nowadays. Toro Rosso is using the Red Bull chassis, which seems to be all epic already. Vettel was fastest in the 2009-spec Red Bull, with no prior experience of it. Besides, he's a good driver. Additionally, Renault gets to tweak their engine.

Force India is all assisted by McLaren. McLaren who are up there. Sutil and Fisichella might hit the podium once or twice this year. Toyota too. I am seeing the top7 all open, to be honest. They all seem good.

Williams have not been too convincing, on me, so far into testing. Who knows? They seem too slow.

The one true disaster, and we knew one team would end up here, is Renault. The car sucks. Heck, Alonso has admitted it "needs improving before Melbourne". In other words, it's crap. He's a lucky sod if he scores more than 10 points during 2009 altogether, and those points would all be down to him being the best F1 driver around for 2009.

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