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Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Red Bull strip RB5 Webber and Vettel

Like the Red Bull strip?? :D

Get it here: Red Bull Racing

Or just click the lower links..

One: The cover
Two: The car – but drawn
Three: The team’s history!
Four: Mark Webber in… ‘Road To Recovery!’
Five: Mark Webber in… ‘Road To Recovery!’ (continued)
Six: Christian Horner On Why 2009 Is A New Formula!
Seven: The RB5 Unleashed!
Eight: Adrian Newey Reveals His Blue-sky Thinking!
Nine: Sebastian Vettel in… ‘The Space Race!’
Ten: Sebastian Vettel in… ‘The Space Race!’ (continued)
Eleven: Geoff Willis on Why We Have To Be Slick!
Twelve: The Secrets of Milton Keynes Revealed
Thirteen: The Back Cover!

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