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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pit Girls III

These is my third post on Pit Girls, or as some like to call them pit babes, grid girls,..

pic 1: Bar Honda Pit girl
pic 2: Marlboro F1 Pit Girls

pic 1: Marlboro Grid Girl
pic 2: Grid Girl standing at Ralf Schumacher

pic 1: Marlboro F1 Pit Girl Leather pants
pic 2: Bar Honda Pit Girl

pic 1: Fernando Flonso Grid Girl
pic 2: Marlboro F1 Grid Girl

pic 1: Grid Girls (Fosters)
pic 2: Jaguar Pit Girls

pic 1: Pit Babe Midland F1
pic 2: Pit Babe Midland F1

source: click here

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