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Monday, December 8, 2008

Formula 1 Teams for 2009

As I see it, there are a few possible outcomes. I will show everything in percentages. First of, what will happen for 2009, the amount of teams to race:

10 teams (incl. newly purchased Honda): 30%
9 teams: 35%
8 teams: 20%
7 teams: 5%
0 teams: 10%

0 teams? Yes, you read it right. I think it's a 10% chance that there will be no Formula One Season in 2009. Like the NHL lockout, just Formula 1. They take a year off because there's not enough teams.

Put it this way: Red Bull with Toro Rosso drops out, as well as Renault or Force India. That would leave 6 teams on the grid. 12 cars. The others would probably agree to take a year off and fill the line-up for 2010 instead.

So, which teams are in for it? Percentages show the likelihood of them competing in 2009:
McLaren: 80%
Ferrari: 85%
BMW: 85%
Renault: 75%
Toyota: 85%
Toro Rosso: 60%
Red Bull: 65%
Williams: 75%
Force India: 70%
Purchased Honda team: 40%

I will re-arrange that to enlist them in a "Likelihood of 2009 participation" rank:
1. Ferrari - 85%
1. BMW
1. Toyota
4. McLaren - 80%
5. Renault - 75%
5. Williams
7. Force India - 70%
8. Red Bull - 65%
9. Toro Rosso - 60%
10. Purchased Honda - 40%

I hope this provides a fair overview: My friends, do not be surprised if the 2009 Formula One Season is cancelled.

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