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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Toyota F1 - Next to Go?

Toyota, the car manufacturer, has announced a record loss of $1.7 billion, or 1 700 000 000 dollars, over 2008. Of course, this puts their future participation in Formula 1 under doubt, especially since they have been long complaining about the standard engine formula, as well as not achieving the expected and also desired results (had their first calculations worked out, they would have been world champions by now).

Toyota F1 leaving would result in no less than 16 cars. Since Mr. Ecclestone wants at least 20 cars on the grid, rumours has it some top teams (ie Ferrari and McLaren if 18 cars, BMW and Renault if 16 cars) would get to run a third, non-constructor-points-scoring, car in order to reach the desired field of 20 cars. This would give these teams no huge advantage in the constructors situation since one pre-determined driver would be the 3rd driver (ie Luca Badoer in Ferrari, Pedro de la Rosa in McLaren, etc.) would not be able to score points for their respective teams. We could, though, for the first time in modern F1, perhaps ever, see a podium with drivers from one single team, if this new suggestion comes true. I hope it does.

2009 is looking less and less certain by the day - I'm thinking BMW will come out victorious, or Renault. McLaren as an outsider. Ferrari won't be close, I sadly believe.

Peace out, bruvvas!

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