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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Honda's Dead

They've quit Formula 1. Economy fucked them up. Japan stinks, I suppose. Toyota, the other Japanese team, has confirmed that they are staying, though. I wonder what Ross Brawn is thinking now? "I left Ferrari, I joined the crappiest team in the field to make them good, and the team ceased existing before I had a chance to do anything. Crikey!". I also wonder what Jenson Button is going to do. Negotiate with Toro Rosso? Honestly, Button is a great driver. Sebastién Buemi and Jenson Button in Toro Rosso? Why not?

Race of Champions soon. Watch it. Don't know when but it should be soon. Mattias Ekström will try to defend his 2007 win (in which he beat Michael Schumacher, as well as Sebastian Loeb (in a Citroën rally car) among others). I'm hungry now. I want some food. Readers, feed me with comments. Please? Do you readers even exist? I feel so lonely!

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