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Friday, February 29, 2008

Brake energy regeneration in F1 by 2009

Kinetic energy storage helps F1 teams

Regenerating energy to meet the demands of new F1 regulations is now entering the fast lane

New F1 regulations come into force with the 2009 season – and the front-runner to meet these stringent demands is a flywheel kinetic energy storage system, both powered and delivering power through a Torotrak continuously variable transmission,

According to Tony Purnell, technical consultant to the FIA and the man entrusted with the job of making the sport more road relevant: “Car manufacturers are already working flat out to develop optimal low emission engines and there is little that engine development programmes in F1 will add to this effort.

“However, in five years or so, their attention will turn more and more to subsidiary devices incorporating energy recovery. By opening up this area now, Formula One can make a real different to this important facet of future car technology.”

source: click here
If you want to read more on the subject go to Motor Authority

I provided some pictures describing the concept


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