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Friday, February 22, 2008

Canvas Paintings of F1 cars through history; Part 1

Yesterday I was surfing on the internet when I came across these pictures, and I am very glad I did! They are soo cool, take a look, more comming!! (there are a lot of pictures so I will publish them in two more posts)

pic 1: Mister Monaco Lotus Ford
pic 2: Jochen Rindt Lotus Ford

pic 1: Niki Lauda Ferrari
pic 2: Gilles Villeneuve Ferrari

pic 1: Michael Schumacher Ferrari
pic 2: Gentleman Jim team Lotus

pic 1: "AJ"
pic 2: Ayrton Senna

pic 1: "J Lightning"
pic 2: "Genius at Work"

pic 1: "fairwell" Jordan
pic 2: David Coultard McLaren Mercedes

pic 1: "Early Days"
pic 2: "Japanese Hero" Takuma Satto?

Source: click here

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Anonymous said...

Go to watch the canadian artist Dumont
and enjoy

There are a lot more posts (both news and pictures) so check them out tho! See the labels on the left side up, or better yet use the search option and find stuff you want!!

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