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Monday, November 17, 2008

Canada, Force India and Chrill's 2009 Prediction

Canada's had to confirm they will not be hosting any Grands Prix as of immediately. It's a shame, for I love Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. I will miss it.

Force India has closed a deal with McLaren on Engine, KERS and possibly aerodynamic help. Rumours have surfaced that either Paul di Resta (Scottish DTM driver for Mercedes) or Pedro de la Rosa (McLaren test/3rd driver) would take one of the race seats in Force India. Force India, with Vijay Malliya in the front, strongly denies that McLaren will have any effect on their drivers line-up and re-confirmed Adrian Sutil and Giancarlo Fisichella for the 2009 season.

Now, to something a tad bit more personal. I'll give you my top 3 of who I think will stand as the 2009 Formula One World Champion. You'll be shocked. The following three are in no particular order:

1. Fernando Alonso (Well, he won twice, he's an amazing driver)
2. Nick Heidfeld (Okay, the team won once in 2008, but he never did..)
3. Sebastian Vettel (See, I really am nuts)

Now, let me motivate them all. If Renault gets their car going, who could possibly stop Alonso? Honestly. He was the best driver of 2008, a British poll confirmed this.

What about Nick Heidfeld? He's a great driver, if he manages to get qualifying together. If BMW manages to get KERS working properly, and Heidfeld gets qualifying working properly, then BMW might just take the step. It's well possible. Why not Kubica? Just because..

Sebastian Vettel, then. A true youngster, in a Red Bull. This is my outsider, but Red Bull could probably get quite far with a neat Renault engine (Renault gets to catch up, no?) and if they get the car good enough, with slicks and KERS and everything, there's no reason to believe Vettel will fail. Just remember him in Monza. Just keeping his car on track for the whole race, as well as dominating the race, left a huge impression on me. Outsider, yes. Impossible? Nuh-uh!

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