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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Glock Leting Hamilton pass Brasil

Wondering how the hell did Hamilton pass Glock, yea well, I am too. Here are just some screens of him passing in the last corner of the Sao Paulo GP

pic 1: Vettel passing Glock

pic 1: Vettel passed Glock

pic 1: Hamilton passing Glock

pic 1: Hamilton passed Glock


Anonymous said...

Well done Hamilton

Gregor said...

If you're wondering 'how the hell' were Kubica, Vettel and Hamilton (all on intermediate tires and quite a substantial downpour at that stage of the race) able to pass Glock (who opted to stay on slicks), then you should also ask yourself how come that at the Chinese GP Kimi's pace suddenly dropped considerably towards the end of the race (and he was without a doubt the faster of the Ferrari duo up to that point) and Felipe then managed to overtake him and gain more points at the end of the race?

Ferrari fans never cease to amaze me - when your beloved team does things that are iffy (to put it mildly) all is well, nobody even flinches, but when events don't go your way, you cry foul play.

F1fan said...

Glock managed to race at the same pace as Vettel and Hamilton for a quite a few laps. In just few meters he lost a substantial lead..

And I dont see anything wrong in letting your team mate passing you when the title is at stake! No mater what team (Ferrari, McLaren,..) does that.

And I am not saying that foul play was at hand, I just pointed out it is pretty odd to lose such a lead.

Gregor said...
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Gregor said...

'In just few meters he lost a substantial lead..'

Did the TV director that day show Glock's final lap? Do you have the telemetry from the Glock's Toyota? How can you possibly conclude that Glock lost ALL 18 seconds advantage he had entering final lap over Kubica/Vettel/Hamilton in those last 2 left-handed corners before the final climb to start/finish straight? Because he didn't. His lead faded during the entire last lap, not just in the last few turns. It was confirmed by people how know what racing in wet means - Glock's tires were dramatically losing temperature in the last few laps and driving with cold slicks in the rain is like driving on ice. And it's even more risky at such an undulating circuit like Interlagos.

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