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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Timo Glock, Fernando Alonso and Toro Rosso

Lately, these three names have been the source of about 90% of all rumours regarding Formula 1 (the other 10% being Honda and their drivers for 2009). Timo Glock since he was the one Lewis Hamilton overtook in order to become the world champion. Fernando Alonso since he's the key to the driver market, AGAIN. Toro Rosso since they have no drivers.

Let us start with Timo Glock. I'm going to be darn straight-forward: No, he did not let Lewis overtake him on purpose. He simply had dry tyres on a very wet track. He drove his last lap faster than Jarno Trulli, who was the only other guy not on wets. Proves my point. Timo Glock did his best, but he could not hang in there. He is not to blame, so don't. Praise Lewis instead.

Fernando Alonso, then. I'm going to be quite straight at it here too: He'll drive Renault for 2009. Why? Renault has a bigger budget for 2009, he knows the mechanics and he knows the team can win. Honda's recorded one win (Hungary 2006) and they've been as crap as Spyker and Force India the last two years. They suck. He will not go to Honda, promise you.

Toro Rosso is the 3rd and last subject. This is also the toughest one. I wish they'd sign Takuma Sato and Sebastian Buemi. I think they will keep SebastiƩn Bourdais though. Next to Bourdais, they will probably opt for Bruno Senna, if Honda does not steal him. Bourdais and Senna, or Sato and Buemi for 2009.

Honda will need it's own paragraph since I've been on about them so much. For 2009, Jenson Button nor Rubens Barrichello has a contract. Jenson Button is almost certain to stay for 2009, though (he should move to something better, like Toro Rosso). Rubens Barrichello is rumoured to not get to stay. He wants to, though. I want him to stay as well, he's a good driver. Bruno Senna will get to test for Honda, this is confirmed. He will, I think, replace Rubens Barrichello unless Toro Rosso steals him. Bruno Senna will be driving in Formula 1 for 2009, I am sure. Not sure if he'll do Honda or Toro Rosso though. We'll see, won't we?

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