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Friday, November 7, 2008

Renault, Honda and Schumacher

Following my system of three rumours, here's todays list: Renault, Honda, Michael Schumacher

Let's start with Renault, eh? Fernando Alonso has been confirmed as a Renault driver for 2009. Nelsinho Piquet has too, securing a 2nd year in the French team. Good thing, as he can't drive. He won't be a threat to Ferrari for 2009!

Honda, then. They're going to let Bruno Senna test for them during some test sometime where. Lucas di Grassi (or whatever his name) is going to test for Honda too. Nick Fry of Honda has said "We want some new blood". Rubens Barrichello is therefore almost certainly not going to drive Formula 1 anymore, at least not for Honda. He could go to like Toro Rosso or something.

Michael Schumacher will end this. You're thinking, what has he done? Nothing! Rubens Barrichello and Felipe Massa has, though. They were singing some (apparently) crap about him. Barrichello started it at a club, Massa didn't want to join in at first but ended up singing too. Poor Schumi was apparently bashed big time by the oldest Brazilian and the best Brazilian, both current or former Ferrari drivers. Poor him..

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F1fan said...

Omg, what were those jerks singing about :D

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