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Monday, November 3, 2008

Introducing a new Team Member

You could consider me as the third driver. Don't. I'm playing in a different league. I'm not doing the testing or well in this case writing article after article. Some pictures will likely be showcased in my posts unless I don't find them. I'm the unbiassed kind of guy. The one who dares to admit "my driver" made a mistake without yelling at others and claiming he's god. The nostalgic one (expect too much F1 history). The weirdo, too (that goes along with history). The stupid one. No, you didn't guess it. I am Slovenian.

My name is Matej, and I'm 18 years of age. I have few blogging experience and this is, I suppose, the first time I'm willing to fully participate in. Like I will. Won't hear much from me, but when you will, hope it'll be good enough to read. If you want to contact me, do so here:

Feel free to contact me in any of these two ways!

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